Summer is on its way…finally! But it isn’t here yet, which only means that we locals are caught up with the end of the school year hustle and bustle, sporting events, our strong desire to be outdoors or at the beach, visiting families and our lack of desire to heat the house up by cooking at home. Fret not! Myrtle Beach’s Nacho Hippo is here with a great solution. 

So how do you overcome the busyness of the week? I’ll tell you how, you cover it rice, black beans, pico de gallo, wrap it in a burrito, and pour queso all over it. Let Nacho Hippo transport your family out of the hustle and bustle and into the relaxing environment that only our Mexican Cantina can provide. Come to an environment that was built for family time. Come to an environment that was designed to encourage conversation between family and friends so you can focus on the things that matter most. Let us make your dinner so you don’t have to. Let us clean up, so you don’t have too. Let us take that extra work off your plate so you and your family can focus on the delicious food we want to put on your plate. We suggest you start off with a shareable size nacho to split with the whole family!

You already plan to eat at Nacho Hippo, so our solution doesn’t solve anything you say? We will respond with…. Have you seen the size and quality of our menu? Our food is twice a week good! One night you can order nachos and tacos, and another night you can order salads and quesadillas. It’s all about compromise.

But seriously, our restaurant’s menu is diverse enough that you could have completely different meals several times in the same week. We have several different taco options and you can mix and match and make it a platter! We have quesadillas that you can’t find anywhere else, specialty options that are second to none, and nachos…. Oh the nachos…our nachos keep us up at night wondering if they think about us as much as we think about them.

If you haven’t tried it already, we highly you look at the “Screamin’ Debbie. Lovingly named after someone very near and dear to our hearts, the “Screamin’ Debbie” combines a fried boneless chicken breast generously coated in our mango habanero wing sauce and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper jack cheese and pickled jalapenos. We knew it would get a little messy, so we made sure to put it on a toasted bun and cover the plate with fries.

The beauty of our menu is that it is very customizable. Got a picky eater? Build your own nachos. Looking to cut back on the calories, you can order the “Sloppy Burritos”: without the tortilla. Everyone looking for something different, GREAT, we have it. From salads, nachos and tacos to hamburgers and chicken sandwiches (nacho hippo style of course), we have everyone covered, as often as you need us.

Come visit us this month, let us help you relax, slow down and forget how crazy life can be.