When most people picture a cocktail, they usually envision a margarita.  This is because margaritas are ranked the No. 1 in popularity!  According to the latest Nielsen CGA study, margaritas are the top for males and females regarding on-premises drinking occasions.  On average, 51% of Americans ranked margaritas number 1.

When I think about margaritas – I picture sitting by the pool on a hot summer day and salt on the rim.  They are sweet, refreshing, and usually served with lime.  They are perfect for warmer weather.  But what about margaritas in the winter?  There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice warm drink on a cold winter night.  So, does that classify margaritas as a seasonal drink?  We say nah!  Winter ingredients are the key!  Pomegranates, in season from October through January, are packed with nutrients and contain a large amount of vitamin C.  Everyone could use a nice boost of vitamin C during the winter months.  May we suggest a Pomegranate Margarita?  Still not convinced?  A top-shelf margarita’s secret ingredient will have you sipping a cool margarita in blistery conditions.  Grand Marnier!  This warming liqueur is flavored with orange peels and is a holiday season go-to. 

With so many different ways to make a margarita – we say you can be a margarita connoisseur any time of the year!  I know, I know; nothing is better than a classic made margarita, but there is just SO much you can do with them!  For example, have you seen the cocktail list at Nacho Hippo?!

 Nacho Hippo offers a wide variety of cocktails, let alone different margaritas!  Whether you like fruity, frozen, or simple – you’ll be sure to find something you want!  One of our most popular drinks is the “Mexicali.” This drink is a classic and refreshing margarita with a spin – it’s topped with a Coronita!  Another popular margarita is the Paradise Margarita – perfectly mixed 1800 coconut tequila, sour mix, pineapple juice, and blue curacao, all topped with a sugar rim!

These margaritas sound delicious, whether sunny and 75 degrees or cold and blizzardy.  Margaritas are so popular because they are versatile and can suit any taste or occasion.  So next time you’re wondering what to drink on a night out or at dinner, just remember that Margaritas come in all shapes and sizes and are always a good choice!

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