Soft Tacos? Hard Tacos? Flour? Corn? Doesn’t matter to us! We love them all!

But does it really matter? Well, it depends on who you ask. It isn’t common to find a person that does not have an opinion, and even rarer to find someone who doesn’t have a preference.

It is easy to converse with people about their preferences regarding mild or spicy, meat or veggie, and with or without hot sauce, but the opinions on soft shell vs. hard shell are much more polarizing. If you are looking for some interesting reading, do a quick Google search for hard shell vs. soft tacos. Reddit has some fascinating conversations on this topic. One Reddit user says “Soft. They’re really diverse, and don’t fall apart when you eat them. Hard tacos are an abomination!”

Like I said, interesting…

One can understand those that prefer soft over hard. Hard shells are more challenging to keep together after that first bite, and they can do some serious damage to the top of your mouth and gums. But on the plus side, they provide a lovely crunch texture and flavor option. According to a second Reddit user, “Hard shells are the way God intended them to be!”

At Nacho Hippo, we have chosen to stay out of that fight by making the decision easy and offering both! Every taco on our menu (and there are a lot of them) can be ordered with our griddled soft flour tortillas, soft corn tortillas, or hard shells.

The conversation gets even better when you Google “what does my taco choice say about me.”

According to a 2019 New York Post survey, hard shell eaters tend to be dog lovers, while soft shell fans are likelier to spend time cuddling with their cat. Hard-shell fans also lean towards loving Batman, while soft-shell eaters root for Superman. Hard-shell lovers are 41 percent more likely to be early risers because they are 53 percent more likely to be light sleepers. One thing we all have in common is that all taco eaters love to consume their tacos on the beach. Tacos and beach life go hand in hand.

But the survey went even further. Hard-shellers are typically described as adventurous, curious, happy, hard-working, high-maintenance, organized, and extroverted. Soft-shell fans are calm, clean, creative, friendly, loyal, and more introverted than hard-shellers.

We are curious. Are you a hard-working, happy, organized hard-sheller? Or are you a calm, clean, creative soft-shell fan?

Here at Nacho Hippo we have a split personality. For us, it doesn’t matter what the ingredients are wrapped in. We love ALL tacos. Hard-shell or soft-shell. We love them all!


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