Nacho Hippo is a Mexican Cantina style restaurant in Myrtle Beach that both tourists and locals have fallen in love with. We believe that can be attributed to a few different things like our commitment to vibrant décor, friendly wait staff, live music, family friendly environment, fun-flavorful menu, and our unwavering devotion to delivering on a promise of providing a great dining experience to every guest, every time they walk in the door. But the other part of it is pure fun. Because at every day is party day at Nacho Hippo.

Nacho Hippo is the perfect restaurant to gather with friends for a few tacos, tell stories and have a few laughs. Whether you are sitting on the patio at Market Common or enjoying the open air bar environment at our North Beach location, the environment is designed to be a fun, family friendly, conversation starter.

Our food will give you lots of things to start conversations about. We are really a category all our own. We are not quite your traditional Mexican restaurant and we aren’t your standard Tex-Mex style of restaurant either. Instead we created a restaurant and a menu using only the freshest produce and top quality meats seasoned to perfection. Each dish on our menu is handmade, prepared in the restaurant, and consist of components that are cooked fresh every day. Even our tortilla chips are made in house.

Need vegetarian sensitive options? We have that too. Tacos, nachos, & quesadillas all able to be modified to accommodate our guests with a specific diet. Of course we can always offer you menu ready items like the Veg Head Taco or Tree Hugger Nachos. You can start your meal with our Salsa Sampler or our Holee Guacamole. One way or another, we can make it work for you. We can deliver a party for your taste buds.

How about a party for your wallet? Giving our guests value for their dollar has always been top priority and our portion sizes prove that we stand behind guest satisfaction. Our quesadillas are stuffed full with protein, heaps of cheese and vegetables. Our personal size nachos will have you questioning if your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the drinks. Our bar is fully stocked and ready to provide you whatever you are looking for. But let us suggest our Mexicali Margarita. A huge margarita served in an oversized glass with a Cornita served in it as well. You can also order our “Hip Bucket”: a beach sand bucket filled with a refreshing, fruity cocktail. Our bartenders are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely capable of mixing up amazing cocktails to ensure your experience at Nacho Hippo is the best in town.

At Nacho Hippo we like to party. We have poured our heart and soul into cultivating an environment and a menu that we feel is representative who we are as an organization. We do this because we love to serve our guests great experiences and great food. We have the food, we have the entertainment, we have the environment, and we have created a great place to have a party. All you need to do is bring your friends.