With fan favorites like the Macho Nacho, Tree Hugger and Day After Nachos, it’s easy to understand why our nachos get so much praise. The personal size nachos are big enough to share and the shareable nachos are so big they could feed a small army! You can get your nachos topped with chili, shrimp, beef, steak, chicken, pulled pork, beands, cheese, queso, different veggies and our house made salsas. It makes us hungry just thinking about them. But today we want to talk about another part of our menu. A part that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves: our Hip Tacos!

Tacos are a fairly traditional staple at a Mexican cantina and quite often the first thing people think of when Mexican food. They can come wrapped in many different forms; soft shell, hard shell, flour, corn etc, but it gets really exciting when it comes to the inside. It is more than just beef or chicken. Let’s take a look at our Hip Taco offerings.

It starts with the Gringo. A traditional taco that can be topped with taco beef, chicken, our slow roasted pork or black beans. We dress is with Monterey Jack cheese, shredded lettuce, Pico de Gallo, and crema (a thin sour cream). This is a great tasting combination for those that aren’t ready to make the jump into some of our more extreme offerings.

Next up is Mrs. Daisy. This is nacho average taco. Fried green tomatoes, mixed greens, pimento cheese, spicy mayo and slivered red peppers combine for a smooth blend of excellent flavors that will leave you begging for more. Need something more? Consider adding bacon! Everything is better with bacon!

Our next offering will appeal to anyone looking to experience something new all the way to the most extreme palate. The Love You Long Time is a creative blend between fried chicken tossed in sweet chili, pineapple salsa, mixed greens, spicy mayo, and cashews. This taco is a great blend of sweet, spicy, soft and crunchy all wrapped into the same taco.

Who likes shrimp? Shrimp on a taco? We do. Our Bangin’ Shrimp taco features fried shrimp tossed in spicy mayo, shredded lettuce, and a mango pico de gallo. In our minds, the only real question is: flour or corn tortilla?

Of course being created in the area we had to create a local taco. We wanted to create a taco that blended the best of the local flavors all wrapped in a soft flour shell. The Carolina Kid is that taco. Slow roasted pork, slaw, and a sweet celery seed dressing. Does it get it any more Carolina than that?

Fish Tacos aren’t anything new, but we will always make sure to put our own spin on them. Grilled, fried, or blackened, topped with crisp slaw and spicy mayo, our Baja Fish taco is sure to please.

Our Bro-Ham taco continues our tradition of different. Crispy bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo and avocado ranch wrapped into a taco is differently different, but oh so good!

Creating a blend of non-traditional combinations is what we do. There are so many good flavor combinations we couldn’t stop.  So we tossed some fried chicken in buffalo sauce, added shredded lettuce, mixed cheeses, pico de gallo and avocado ranch. Our Pollo Loco has just enough spice to really excite.