Dear Readers,

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we are here to help. Nacho Hippo knows that you may have forgotten about the most important holiday ever created by Hallmark. A holiday designed to trip up significant others for all eternity. Rest easy, Nacho Hippo is here to save the day!

Forget that no one really knows where St. Valentine is from. We here at Nacho Hippo are just going to believe that the man would have lived in the apartments over top of our Mexican Cantina if he had the chance. Don’t waste your time on chocolates; if you want to capture that special someone’s attention, you need to serve up a warm plate of Macho Nachos. We strongly recommend the shareable size.

Don’t worry about jewelry this year either. The only ring you need is a salt or sugar ring around your margarita glass. Why buy Flowers? We have Flour tortillas for your loved one instead. Our tacos are way more beautiful and colorful. No one ever has their hunger pains satisfied by looking at flowers. Give that special someone tacos! People love tacos!

Seriously, Nacho Hippo has your back. Come see us in Myrtle Beach this Valentine’s Day. We will make you look like the hero you know you are.


Nacho Hippo

P.S. – Don’t forget the salsa.