Ever found that one menu item you love and it becomes your go-to order every time you dine at that restaurant? It’s time to break free from your routine the next time you visit Nacho Hippo! Here is a selection of three menu items that are hidden gems, but so delicious – they deserve some time in the spotlight.

Fried Sweet Plantains

We offer your typical sides – seasoned black beans, yellow rice with tomato, corn and green chiles and fire roasted vegetables – but we also offer a unique side, fried sweet plantains. Our fried sweet plantains are sliced, lightly fried and served on a platter. They’re so flavorful and delicious on their own, they’re don’t even need a dipping sauce. They make a great addition to our signature tacos!

Mrs. Daisy Taco

Hey Y’all, this taco deliciously combines the flavors of the south. Crunch into fried green tomatoes, fresh mixed greens, smooth pimento cheese, spicy mayo, and slivered red peppers. You can even add bacon for a true downhome flavor. P.S. Mrs. Daisy pairs well with our ‘Best of the Beach’ Margaritas. Sip sip hooray!


Make sure you save room for dessert. We’ve got three sweet treats that are sure to hit the spot!


The smell of this dessert will have your mouth watering as soon as it hits the table. Six fried dough sticks rolled in sweetly spiced cinnamon sugar and finished with a drizzle of smooth chocolate syrup. If attempting to share, be warned, after one bite you might want to keep them all to yourself!

Chocolate Spoon Cake

Grab your fork and get ready to dig into our flourless chocolate cake with layers upon layers of luscious chocolate! This is one rich, decadent dessert you can’t just have one bite of.

Mango Raspberry Cheesecake

Next time you’re attempting to satisfy that sweet tooth, give our decadent mango cheesecake a try. This light cheesecake is drizzled with a tangy raspberry sauce. We’re confident you won’t regret ordering it!

Stop by Nacho Hippo North Myrtle Beach or Nacho Hippo Market Common and add one of these delicious menu items to your ‘must-try’ list!