NACHO average plate of nachos! We’ve compiled a list of delicious reasons why our nachos are the best around Myrtle Beach!

  1. Hand fried tortilla chips

By hand frying our homemade tortilla chips, we add that authentic crunch for every bite you take. These golden triangles are the foundation for our ‘Best of the Beach’ nachos and because we make them fresh daily, we’re pretty confident you’ll love them!

  1. Tons of toppings

The only ‘problem’ with our nachos – you may have a tough time finding a chip underneath our mountain of toppings! Choose from our classic favorites like jalapenos, fresh pico de gallo, flavorful corn, and shredded cheese or try something new like our mango habanero sauce or our Bangin’ Shrimp with spicy mayo. The combinations of toppings are endless and are sure to pack a ton of flavor into each bite of our nacho platters!

  1. We have layers

How does one begin creating the perfect nachos platter? It’s all about the art of layering. The first pile of chips, (yeah there’s more than just one!), are doused with creamy queso and then piled with freshly diced pico de gallo and crisp veggies. Next is the SECOND layer of chips and a repeat layer of queso, salsa, and veggies. Then we sprinkle on shredded cheese, place it in the broiler to melt and add a layer of shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes. Then you can add the toppings of you choice such as a meat (chicken, pulled pork, shrimp or beef), corn, jalapenos and more! Our nacho layering is finished off with a drizzle of melted queso.   No matter where you choose to dig in; you can bet your chip will be smothered and covered in the best ingredients.

  1. 2 Sizes for all types of Hunger

No matter how you choose to enjoy our ‘Best of the Beach’ nachos – we have different sizes that are perfectly portioned! If you’re dining solo you can choose the personal size for just the right amount of cheesy crunchy goodness. If you travel in a pack of hungry friends, you can split a large platter of sharable perfection that’s perfect for passing around the table.

  1. Pairs perfectly with Margaritas

With all that salty, cheesy, crunch from our nachos, you’ll need something to quench your thirst. Our ‘Best of the Beach’ nachos pair perfectly with our ‘Best of the Beach’ margaritas! Our monster MexiCali Margarita is a 32 oz beauty loaded with fresh ingredients and a submerged Coronita. If you thought it couldn’t be any better; our house margaritas are freshly squeezed and only $3 every day!

We’re guessing you’re already drooling and hopping in the car to one of our two locations in Myrtle Beach – one in North Myrtle Beach and the other in Market Common!